About Us

Celebrate the Magic Of Food.

The beginning of a wholesome and healthy lifestyle can be found inside every kitchen, and no wonder why, as all important decisions include food on the table. We call it “the room of memories” because so many precious moments come to mind when we think about it, it’s the place where we show care for our loved ones and it’s also the canvas for the elevating art of cooking, whose results get our senses to intensely feel: From the sound of a chop, to the wonderful taste of freshly-baked bread.

Certified Tools. Fair Cost. MIINT Chef Results.

A MIINT Mentality

Mastering the art of delicious (and nutritious) homemade cuisine involves high-performance utensils; however, their cost tends to back us down on this crusade, as professional usually goes hand in hand with unaffordable. As a registered dietitian nutritionist and family chef, Shelby B The RD knows how important it is to select and use quality, long-lasting cookware that really contributes into savory results and a well-balanced diet. With this thought set on her mind, she felt it was time to create a solution, and that’s how MIINT CHEF came out of the oven.

Our Story

MIINT CHEF is a brand powered by Shelby B The RD, made under the mission to combine wonderful kitchen tools, certified by an expert on the food field, with fair prices, which bring a complete culinary experience without giving up on our budgets. Shelby B The RD is the woman behind it all, whose expertise on dietetics & nutrition has helped to change perspectives on food through Shelby B The RD –by using creativity and knowledge, she prepares healthy recipes which are flavorful and beneficial at the same time. But the secret ingredient in the making of MIINT CHEF was a curious one: Her awesome community.

People who are passionate to create meals, just like Shelby B The RD, were also expressing their worries to her on the limitation to possess proper cookware, one which applied the latest technology and was thoroughly made at the same time. Shelby herself was always on the hunt for affordable cutlery that could replicate a chef’s execution, so she crafted MIINT Chef to end the search.

At MIINT, we produce and deliver you instruments to serve little and big delights for the palate, while easing up on the time-demanding task with our functionality and precision. Invented and certified by Shelby B The RD, the registered dietitian nutritionist who is also passionate about meal prepping and home cooking, MIINT Chef is for the ones that want to awake bliss and enjoy life’s simple pleasures with every dish.

And when they ask us about the future for MIINT Chef, we are firmly convinced on something: We want to grow, but to grow means to see you making memories with the ones you love. That is why our cookware is made to be long-lasting and resistant, so it can be present in your home throughout time, delivering the same exquisiteness on each use.